IRS Fraud is a web site dedicated to helping the US government recover a portion of the more than $400 billion in unpaid taxes every year. Via its recent “Tax Whistleblower Reward Program”, the Internal Revenue Service will pay huge rewards to any person who exposes and reports the underreporting of tax by either individuals or corporations. So, why not get your fair share?

The “Tax Relief and Health Care Act” voted into law in December of 2006 is an aggressive new legislation enacted by the US government with the goal to reduce IRS fraud. In essence, the government is now turning to its citizens in order to uncover and report tax fraud, under-reporting of tax or failure to pay tax, whether by individuals, businesses, estates, or trusts.

Most importantly, under the “Tax Whistleblower Reward Program”, honest citizens are now entitled to receive a minimum of 15%, and a maximum of 30%, of the amount that the IRS actually collects.

The new law, which provides a potential “windfall” to honest Americans who expose those who underreport and fail to pay tax, is known as the “IRS Whistleblower Reward Program”. The only restrictionis that the amount of unreported tax due be of at least $2 million, including interest and penalties.

IRS Fraud acts as a referral service that matches “tax whistleblowers” (you) with the best whistlebower and tax fraud attorneys in the country.

Here are some key benefits of our referral system

To qualify for one of these cases, there must be over two million dollars in underpaid taxes, interest and fees to the IRS. Our attorneys will not be able to take any case that does not involve at least $2,000,000 in underpaid taxes.

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